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Managed Services

If you are a business that needs additional help in managing your Technology, E-mail, printers, anti-virus, backups, and/or day-to-day operations, give me a call.  I provide a variety of services for companies who need IT expertise but who choose not to hire IT personnel. There are many ways I can decrease your overall cost of ownership without a lot of travel time. Many tools are available today for managing computers remotely.


Application development is my first calling and I have over 20 years in programming, project management, and development.  I can provide services for your Web Site, IOS Application, or Filemaker situation.  Using my experiences in the business community and education, we can work together to determine the best practices for your business and develop applications that will streamline your business and make it more profitable.


Many large and small corporations are moving sometimes significant amounts of their data and applications to Internet-based Systems in "clouds".  Often times this strategy reduces a company's risk and cost.  Sometimes it's more expensive. Call me so that we can explore the options for you and work out the most cost-effective solution.  I have experince in helping companies choose whether to "cloud or not to cloud."


Do you have a leak in your organization?  Is someone siphoning off sales to a competitor?  Do you think someone is stealing information from you but you're having a hard time finding the person?  Are employees wasting lots of time on personal online surfing, but you need proof?  I can help you by installing software that will track screen shots, keystrokes, websites visited, and more.  And do it without their knowing.